Friday, July 21, 2006

The New Darth Vader

The Gog and Magog, good versus evil, darkness versus light crowd are at it again, this time in the form of a position paper by Y. Carmon and others on the MEMRE (Middle East Research Institute) website. (If you google ‘Gog and magog,’ you could spend half a lifetime unraveling all the current Christian ideas on how all of this will play out. There are a mere 432,000 entries.) The journalist Akiva Eldar in Haaretz(7/21) presents the substance of the article plus dramatic embellishments. The highlights of the view are this:

The current crisis has the makings of being able to create a new order in the region, or even a global conflict. The traditional allies of the United States - Saudi Arabia and Egypt – are losing their senior regional status to Iran. Russia, an ally of Iran, is once again taking up position against the United States, as a world power that wields influence in the Middle East and in Europe, where Russia is the principal supplier of oil and gas. The structure of a dual-superpower world is being revived, complete with all the rivalry that was characteristic of the Cold War era.

Russia is Iran's main supporter. Russia has 6,000 experts there, and knows how to develop its Iranian ally’s aggressive foreign policy.

Before long, Iran, the Darth Vader of the planet, will unleash terror attacks on Jewish and Israeli targets around the world.

The Middle East will line up all soldiers in a row. The forces of good: The US, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, most of the Gulf States.

The forces of evil are Russia, Iran, Syria, Hamas, (what happened to the PLO?), Hezbollah, Iraqi Shiites (re-described as Iranian proxies), and Iraqi Sunni insurgents, Sudan, Yemen and Qatar (it owns al Jazirah). The main Shiite puppeteer, Iran, now has an uber-puppeteer, Russia.

What this conceptual breakthrough accomplishes is that it enables all the cold war rhetoric to be recycled with minor emendations. Not only are we not at the end of history, with the US the only super power left standing, we are locked in a planetary fight on many different fronts from Kashmir and Afghanistan to Somalia and Sudan against a new two headed enemy the Russian-Shiite axis. Once the framework is accepted, the entire foreign policy outlook begins to take shape. Venezuela’s Chavez, who supports Iran and has more than a touch of anti-Semitism, fits easily. Morales in Bolivia and Castro’s Cuba can now be tucked into the grand picture, since they are in bed with Chavez. North Korea is a bit of a wild card, but the crazies there are tied to Pakistan and Pakistan’s Muslims are sympathetic to the Taliban and al Quaida.

The picture that is beginning to emerge almost daily is related to the first versions of Bush’s War on Terror. It is a generalized version of David Frum’s Axis of Evil. Just the other day the thinking was that Iraq has proved such a debacle there will be no more Middle East adventures during this administration. Wrong. The activist idealist strain exemplified by the neo-Conservative think tanks is much like Freddie Kruger. Just when you think it is safe to go outside, it is back.

In contrast to this view, Vice Premier Shimon Peres in the same issue of Haaretz said “the crisis has escalated because under the current international circumstances, nobody has influence over Iran, Hezbollah and Hamas - not the United States, not Russia, not the United Nations, not the Europeans and not the Arab League, and the only country with guts is Israel.” I don’t think Shimon Peres was being disingenuous, and he might be in a position to know a thing or two about how the forces are lined up.

I want to close by making two small points. I am not at all sure a good versus evil dualism is useful on a daily basis. Maybe something can be done with Assad in Syria. Maybe Putin is just a normal Russian bully, but not evil. Maybe Chavez can be pacified. I would think by taking each problem one at a time, slowly and carefully, we might make more progress than by promoting some grand diabolical theory. When people start talking, as they now do, of bringing Syria back ‘from the dark side’, the negotiations take on a totally different tone.

The issue reminds me of Wittgenstein’s discussion of the problem of “seeing as” in the Philosophical Investigations. He talks about these duck-rabbit drawings, where you can see it as a rabbit and you can see it as a duck, but not both at the same time. Once you see it one way, it becomes very difficult to see it the other way. You have to walk away from the drawing, and try again at a later point. Once we get locked into a good versus evil dualism, it will be hard to undo.


At 11:53 AM, Anonymous MF said...

V. interesting! Your basic point is, "I am not at all sure a good versus evil dualism is useful on a daily basis." Fascinating, because I would make the opposite argument, that a good-vs-evil dualism is MORE useful on a daily basis. Why? To be useful, it has to help you make decisions quickly. And if you only have two choices (good or evil), then it is easier to make a decision about what to do than if you have 10,000 nuances ("very very very good or very very good or very good?").

In fact, I would go a step farther and point out that, in the good vs evil dualism in contemporary politics, the issue is NOT about the leaders' hearts, but only about their actions. Since you are resisting a good vs evil dualism and advocating a nuanced understanding of who these opposing leaders are ("maybe Putin is a bully") and analyzing them individually, your analysis suggests that it is more useful in making decisions on a daily basis to know if Nasrallah is a truly evil man in his heart, or if he is just some small-time crook out to make a dollar, a bully stooge with powerful guns. My argument is the opposite, that this difference makes no difference, and thus it isn't worth serious energy creating this difference (unless it is fun for us to do - and it is fun for me!). In other words: if someone is trying to kill us, it doesn't matter if he is truly an evil person or if he thinks he can get some personal advantage from it; both lead to the exact same conclusion: this person is engaging in really really terrible actions against us and we must try to stop him!

There's a separate but related point also, of the fact that you draw this distinction between the truly evil and the standard thugs and bullies - but I'm not even sure that this difference exists, other than scale. If I have a belief system that tells me that I should steal 73.7% of everything that people with straight red hair own from them and then redistribute it to the groups of people who support me (mostly people with curly brown hair) because they're the people who really need this stuff and suffer without it -- am I evil or am I just a thug trying to profit for myself and my friends? Is there a difference between these two? I don't think so--only on scale or severity (it is one thing if I do this in a town of 12 people, another thing in a country of 12 million).


At 1:12 PM, Blogger evanstonjew said...

Thank you for your thoughtful comments. My first point is the binary theory might not be true. Iran might not be a subsidiary of Russia; Hezbollah might not be in Iran’s pocket. Fouad Ajami in a nuanced piece in today’s WSJ argues that the fate of Lebanon depends on convincing the non-Hezbollah Shiites there is a place for them in the Arab scheme of things. The Arab world can no longer favor the Sunni middle class, at the expense of the Lebanese Shia. Here is another piece in a complicated puzzle.

My second point was as described in your comment.I disagree with your basic premises that a binary heuristic rule is better because when a quick decision is needed it is more efficient. A zillion people have been and are working on all these issues. Israel has had 70 years to think about the Palestinians and America has had the same amount of time to study Iran. The idea is to do right, not quickly. These aren’t day traders in the market that need to make a decision in minutes. 'Daily' is not the best word. I meant that dualism is not useful in working through each individual part of a problem such as how to pry Assad away from Syria.And finally we have a disagreement about the place of motives in diplomacy and foreign policy that can’t be dealt with here.

At 1:30 PM, Anonymous MF said...

V v interesting, as all of your insights are! So your basic point is that binary heuristics are weaker than more nuanced heuristics. That's an interesting insight and I would propose a few things in response: first, I don't believe that non-binary heuristics exist because all options are ultimately binary so it is meaningless to try to make a non-binary decisions (ie, choosing "A or B or C" [three choices] is really two binary decisions, "A or B" and the compare the winner of that to C). My second response is that, obviously we want to optimize both speed and accuracy when making a decision, but, since there's a fundamental trade-off between the two, and in order to survive (yes, this is an issue of survival!) we need to make good decisions *quickly*, what we desperately need are ways to reduce the time we need to make good decisions so that they are as quick as possible. There are a few standard techniques that I see people using to do this. One technique I like is to try very hard to *reduce noise*, that is, look only for the one or two key data points and minimize everything above that. A second technique is, being very very clear on what your principles are, because, if you are clear on your principles, then, given *any level of data*, you can make a decision -- in fact, making a decision is less about the information in the decision and more about your principles. This is why good leaders, I believe, given any level of information, are able to make an immediate decision (and when the information changes, maybe different principles come into play so maybe the decision changes!), and don't need the time for analysis. (Said differently, in any situation, there are two ways in which you can approach making a decision: "how much will I gain/lose from doing this?" or "What is the right thing to do?" -- personally, I try to make all decisions in the second way, and I think that you can compare most political leaders and easily divide them into these two camps.)


At 12:07 PM, Blogger evanstonjew said...

mf, I am a one-fingered typist, so this is my last go-around. Right now, in the Middle East, there are 16 players: Israel, Hezbollah, other Lebanese Shiites, the Lebanese government, Syria, Iran, Russia, China (because of its support of Iran), Saudi Arabia, Egypt, the U.S., the E.U., the U.N., the Iraqi insurgents, the Iraqi government, and the Iraqi Shia. Each have a half a dozen uncertainties associated with what they are going to do. I have no clue what you are talking about when you discuss binary heuristics.

At 6:27 PM, Blogger Seven Star Hand said...

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